Thursday, December 20, 2007

Decorative Tins

I picked these tins up earlier this fall--these big ones and a couple smaller, cone-shaped ones too. Then, our SU! demo magazine featured a tin container decorated with designer paper and a garland, and I had to copy the idea and try my own.
I used layers of the wrapping paper from the holiday mini catalog to cover the sides of the tin. This was a little tricky, since a straight strip of paper will not wrap around a round surface, and stay flat. To make a pattern, I started with a straight strip and attached it to the tin with temporary adhesive, down at the bottom, where I could use the metal ridge. I then took a pencil and carefully pushed the paper against that metal ridge. Since the paper was straight, it hung over the bottom; I was then marking on the paper where the ridge turned. When I removed the paper, I cut along the ridge line that I had marked. Then I made sure that my pattern was equal width all the way across. I made a smaller pattern for the stripe, and a larger pattern for the dots. Here are my patterns (see how the paper has an arc to it?)Since these were my patterns, I didn't worry about the stripe going the wrong way (it is vertical on the tins). I attached the paper and grosgrain ribbon band with sticky strip, lining up the edges with the metal seams on the tin. Then I created the garland with the retired snowflake punch. I punched the snowflake shape over the top of the dots on the wrapping paper, punched that out with the 1 1/4" circle punch, then mounted it on alternating colors of cardstock, punched with the 1 3/8" punch. I ran the silver cord through a small hole punched at the top of each snowflake, alternating with beads from the Pretties Kit. To get the beads to stay there, I dabbed on a little clear adhesive: crystal effects. Once it dried, the beads were stuck where I wanted them!
I filled these tins with shredded paper, and then all sorts of goodies from our kitchen--chokecherry syrup, cranberry~pistachio bark, strawberry & rhubarb jam, and antelope jerky (both my kids got antelope this year). I punched out matching tags for all the little packages, and tied them with matching grosgrain ribbon--real red, and old olive. It really made for a stunning presentation with all the matching colors--which is one of the things that I love about SU! products. Hope all of our family members enjoy them!

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