Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rub On Everything

Rub-ons are great! I've been experimenting a little with them and I wanted to share the project below. First, I bought the red pot at Walmart last weekend. They had these beautiful pots in bright red, blue, orange, yellow and green.
I cut out the long swirl from the Sell-a-bration rub ons, Love and Happiness. Since the pot is a cone, and not a straight cylinder, I cut the long swirl in half and put it on in 2 separate pieces in order to get it to lay flat. The slight stickiness of the rub on paper held it to the pot as I worked. I left the paper on it even as I worked on the 2nd piece, to help protect it while I was working. You can see where the paper is whiter than the other part--that is where I have already rubbed. (Just a note about the rub on packages: open them from the bottom! There is a self-adhesive flap at the back of the plastic bag and you just have to open it).And here is the finished project (albeit without the plant!). I am doing 2 of these for friends--a new neighbor and a friend who moved into a new house. I need some ideas of something else to go with the plant. Send me a comment with some suggestions, please! We've actually had a few "warm" days so I feel confident that I can deliver the plant soon without killing it as I walk across the street to my new neighbor!

Next I'll show you a card where I used rub ons on some ribbon....

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