Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Dog Ate My Rabbits!

That's right. That's really what happened! Here's the culprit--
I sat and punched out circles and ovals, little circles, more ovals, and had assembled several punch-art rabbits (see last post). I left them on the coffee table and when I returned the next morning they were ALL GONE! Every last shred of paper, glue, pop up dots....gone. Does he have a bone to chew on??? Yeeees, but he prefers paper! He's a dachsund for cryin' out loud, and he still managed to check out the top of the coffee table and pick up every last one of my rabbits and eat them. So that's why this post is late. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to give excuses, but the truth is, I was a little disheartened to lose all my work, and just didn't even feel like stamping or taking pictures of this basket for my club members who chose the 3-D project.

So finally, here it is: 1. the first picture shows what your envelope would look like if you folded it into an envelope. These were cut using the Big Shot and the Scallop Envelope die (catalog pg 198, $21.95). You need 4 envelopes for a 4-sided basket.

But since we are going to make a basket, fold the three flaps backwards, like in this photo.

2. Adhere the side flaps together with the other envelopes. I used snail adhesive, but if you want your box to be sturdier, you could use sticky strip.

Adhere all four together, then adhere the last flaps to make a square box.
3. Turn it over and fold in the bottom flaps and glue together to make the bottom.

4. Punch a small hole in the side of the box, in the area covered by the decorative flap on the outside. Punch another hole on the opposite side. If you are confused, keep reading through step 5.
Make a handle, punch a hole in each end and adhere to the basket with a brad.

Notice that I put the "head" of the brad on the inside of the basket and the "feet" of the brad on the outside. The feet are going to be covered when you put a little bit of adhesive on the
underside of the flap and glue it to the side of the basket:

And then the fun part--decorate your basket any way you like and fill it with fun!

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